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Transparent IV Dressing offered by us is made up with polyurethane film as backing material evenly coated with polymeric adhesive, with absorbent & non adherent pad.


For securing IV Cannula in cases where long term use is required. The transparent PU Film of which this dressing is made of, allows regular inspection of the cannula insertion site for signs of infection or phlebitis.


  • High water vapour permeability of the PU film prevents moisture build up which is responsible for bacterial growth, and thereby reduces the risk of infection
  • Minimises Dressing changes, Since it keeps the skin drier, thereby improving dressing adherence and reducing the frequency of dressing changes
  • Greater patient comfort. Its very conformable and hypoallergenic, hence it helps prevents skin maceration or irritation thus providing more patient comfort
  • Excellent cannula stability. The film ensures excellent fixation of the cannula so much so that the patient can move freely with the cannula fixed
  • Convenient visual inspection. Because of transparent film, regular inspection of the cannula insertion site for signs of infection or phlebitis is possible without having to remove the dressing again and again
  • Easy removal. The stretchability of the film facilitates easy and painless removal of the dressing after the use. The dressing is sterilized, hence very safe to use.

Packing* : Medigrip Transparent IV Dressing

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