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Product Description:

Plaster of Paris Bandage consists of a leno wave bleached cotton gauze impregnated evenly with Calcium Sulphate which has been dehydrated so that it consists substantially of the hemihydrates, to which adhesives and setting-time modifiers may have been added. It is reasonably free from loose power.

Bandage lees than 5 meters long have no joins; joins in longer bandages are made using a suitable adhesive and not by sewing.


  • High Cast Strength
  • Optimum Setting Time
  • Extra Durable
  • Extra Creamy
  • Minimum Powder Loss

Packing *: Medigrip Orthopaedic Cast Padding

(subject to change)

# Size No. of Rolls Inner Box No. of Inner / Shipper Qty / Shipper Shipper Size Weight (kg.)
1 10cm X 2.7m 12 12 144 290 X 440 X 400 18.68
2 15cm X 2.7m 12 12 144 290 X 450 X 520 27.40