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Permeable Plastic Surgical Synthetic Adhesive Tape Consists of an extensible perforated plastic film, spread evenly with a polymeric adhesive mass which does not offset when the tape is unrolled. The perforations are evenly distributed. The tape is permeable to water vapour and air.


  • For securing bulky dressings
  • For using tapes of customized widths
  • To secure devices (e.g. Catheters, IV Tubings etc)


  • Porous - Easy breathability
  • Perforation –Allows easy tearability in both directions
  • Transparent –Facilitates easy monitoring of skin under the tape
  • Allows clinicians to tailor the tape for various dressings & devices

Packing *: Medigrip Permeable Plastic Synthetic Adhesive Tape

(subject to change)

Size No.of Rolls Inner Box No.of Inner Per Shipper Qty Per Shipper Shipper Size Weight (kg.)
1.25cmx9.1m 24 24 576 295 X 295 X 230 9
2.5cm X 9.1m 12 24 288 295 X 295 X 230 9
5.0cm X 9.1m 6 24 144 295 X 295 X 230 9