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Product Description:

Consists of soft Non woven fabric with excellent absorption properties. It is cut in uniform width & rolled.


It is used in providing cushion (liner) under the Synthetic Cast or Plaster of Paris Bandage.


  • Acts as ideal cushion between skin & cast/POP bandage
  • High water holding capacity fibres absorbs sweat & exudation effectively
  • Skin maceration is prevented
  • Soft fibres add comfort to accidental portions

Packing *: Medigrip Orthopaedic Cast Padding

(subject to change)

No. of Rolls
per Inner
No. of Inner
per shipper
No. of Rolls
per Shipper
Shipper size
Weight per
shipper (kg)
10.00cm x 3m 12 15 180 510 x 315 x 485 7.00
15.00cm x 3m 12 10 120 685 x 505 x 325 7.00