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(Features available only in India)

Product Description:

Commonly referred to as “blue band aid”, Medigrip Metal Detect consists of a blue film and a metal detectable aluminium pad. It is the first of its kind product to be manufactured in India and we are proud to be the pioneer. These first aid dressings are perfect for food industry settings, where hygiene and safety are essential.


Medigrip metal detect consists of a metal detectable pad (aluminium film) and has a bright blue colour which makes it easily detectable and ideal for use in food processing industry, pharmaceutical processing industry and restaurants.


  • Washproof: Designed to perform even in moist environments
  • Latex-free
  • Visibility: High visibility and metal-detectable blue dressing for all food processing, food handling and pharmaceutical handling workplaces.
  • Non adherent pad: The pad is laminated with perforated film to make it non-adherent
  • Good Permeability: Perforations are provided to facilitate better breathing.
  • Good Adhesion: Quick stick properties to provide instant adhesion and provides film adhesion to skin.
  • Skin Tolerance: The adhesive recipe is suitably formulated to ensure minimum skin irritation.

Packing* :

(subject to change)

Standard (Strip size: 19mm x 70mm)

# Description No.of strips
per box
No. of boxes
per shipper
No.of strips
per shipper
Shipper size
Weight per
shipper (kg)
1 Paper Box Pack 100 160 16000 435 X 400 X 375 14

* Size and can be customized as per need