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Product Description:

IV Dressing offered by us is made of spun laced Non woven backing material evenly coated with polymeric adhesive, with absorbent, non adherent pad.


For providing breathable and quick fixation dressing to secure IV Cannula and other intramuscular catheters and per cutaneous devices to the skin.


  • Simple to use, it offers user safely and comfort, as well as painless removal
  • Highly conformable
  • The dressing allows air and humidity to pass freely, thus allowing skin to breathe and to prevent any infection to develop due to build up of moisture
  • The materials used are hypoallergenic, so do not cause skin irritation

Packing* : Medigrip IV Dressing

(subject to change)

Description No. of Units
per Inner
No. of Inners
per shipper
No. of Units
per shipper
Shipper size
Weight per
shipper (kg)
6cm x 8cm 50 32 1600 300 x 220 x 240 3.00