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Product Description:

Consists of ointment containing Salicylic acid I.P. placed within a soft cushion ring which is placed at the center of a self adhesive backing substrate made up of soft cotton cloth.


It is used for the effective treatment of corns.


  • Medication: The active ointment base contains Salicylic Acid IP 40%w/w
  • Cushion Ring: Unique soft skin friendly cap (ring) provides extra relief
  • Good Adhesion:Quick stick properties to provide instant adhesion and provides firm adhesion skin
  • Good Skin Tolerance:The adhesive recipe is suitably formulated to ensure minimum skin irritation
  • Stability:Contents of active ingredients i.e. Salicylic Acid is retained well above the desired level throughout the shelf life. Performance of adhesive backing is also maintained well above the desired level through out the shelf life

Packing *: Medigrip Corn Caps

(subject to change)

No. of Catch covers
per inner
No. of Inners
per shipper
No. of pieces
per shipper
shipper size
Weight per
shipper (kg)
Catch cover pack
(4 strips)
50 20 4000 465 x 410 x 310 12